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  • Concept Design Showroom

  • Luxury Experience 2020


  • Miami Off Basel - Art Design Gallery

  • Edwood Children’s 37th

  • Go Red/American Heart Association for women

2010 - 2017

  • Host on tv show at Tribuna/SBT



  • ANAP au Carroussel du Louvre



  • London Art Week 



  • São Francisco de Assis' Church Artwork

Untitled design.png

An art full of expression, Pierre portrays feelings and moments from an abstract perspective, full of colors and contrasts.

His work carries a characteristic touch of spatula and irregular shapes that combined, produces an extra effect to his vision of art.

"Art is not eternal, it is the expression of a moment"



Pierre Britt is a Brazilian plastic artist who lives in the United States and stands out for his colorful and expressive works; he was born in 1982 in Barra de São Francisco in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Pierre Britt began to demonstrate his exceptional talents in art when he was just a child. As a child, he captured the attention of his teachers through his drawings and use of color.


His natural talent earned him recognition as an Artist and National Academy of Fine Arts (ANAP) member. Professionally, he held national and international exhibitions and collected several artistic awards throughout his career. His exhibition journey began in 2002 in his home state, where he won the Nillus art prize and other essential recognitions, such as the ANAP AU CARROUSSEl DU LOUVRE PARIS 2011 exhibition. Pierre Britt lives in Orlando, Florida, where he has held numerous proprietary exhibitions with private individuals and is invited to exhibit his art to premier institutions' clients. In addition, he participates in charity events donating art that are finalized life and auctioned with resources fully reverted to the institutions. Pierre Britt exemplifies talent, dedication, and generosity, using his art to inspire and help people.

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